You can’t play the video , no sound ….. ?
I advice you to use media player classic or KMPlayer to play the video.
Download  Satsuki Decoder Pack .
Satsuki Decoder Pack = Media Player Classic + codecs
Or go to Media Player Classic's site
Before install satsuki, you need to uninstall your old codecs.

Link didn’t work ? Link died ?
If one if links are not working please tell me by commenting HERE.
We will try to reupload as soon as we can so please wait.

No MU or MF links yet?
If you want to download the videos but I haven't updated the MU or MF links yet, fell free to just download them.
I suggest keepvid.com for youtube videos. You can use keepvid for other streaming video sites but it works best with youtube.
Try using clipnabber.com for dailymotion and other streaming video sites if it doesn't work with keepvid.

What must you do with files with extension  .001 ?
Those files are pieces from a larger file that has been split. First, you need to dowload all parts and then join its with hjsplit or FSJ .
HJ SPLIT : http://hjsplit.en.softonic.com/
FSJ : http://www.jaist.ac.jp/~hoangle/filesj/

How to use hjsplit :
- Click on ” Getting start” and after on “ How to join file” .
PS : when you download from MF , you need to verify the size of each files before to join.If the size is 170 MB , you need to check that the size is 170 MB after dowload.

How to use FSJ :
Click right on the file .001 and choose “join” .

this is all i can think of now...but if you have more questions please comment below.